Not speaking Catalan yet?


Not sure why you should learn Catalan?

Catalan has been the vernacular language of the Balearic Islands for 800 years. It is also an official language, along with Spanish. Here in the Balearic Islands, we are all entitled to learn Catalan and to use it in any situation.

A significant part of the population chooses to express themselves in this local tongue and most people understand it. Catalan is present in everyday personal and professional interactions and in the public sphere: at schools, public bodies, in the media...

We share the Catalan language with other regions. Altogether, there are over ten million of us who speak Catalan.

Learning and using Catalan will help you to:

  • Fully and naturally fit into the society that has welcomed you.
  • Get the chance to discover the culture, customs and traditions of the place you live in.
  • Open doors in your professional and social life.
  • Get involved in your children’s academic lives.


Want to learn Catalan?


  • Several ways to learn Catalan

This link will lead you to a guide showing the different resources you can use to learn Catalan in the Balearic Islands. You will find information on the most suitable options for you, including courses, self-learning centres, IT tools and online resources.


  • A l’abast. Basic communication in Catalan

A l’abast is a tool designed for people who do not speak Catalan and are interested in becoming familiar with the linguistic and cultural context of the Balearic Islands. It gathers a series of frequently used sentences in the Catalan language that are commonly uttered in everyday scenarios. It is not a Catalan course – just a taster that aims to encourage you to learn more.

A l'abast in PDF.

A l'abast online. This website allows you to listen to recordings in Catalan of the texts included in the A l’abast basic communication guide.


  • Mallorcat

Mallorcat is a Catalan language self-learning platform. This tool teaches you vocabulary using pictures, so you get to see how words are spelled and listen to how they are pronounced.


  • Maó en català. Basic Catalan course

This exercise book features everyday communication scenarios and vocabulary set in the city of Maó. It also includes useful information about life in the city and the options available for learning Catalan. You will find it on this link.


  • Ep! Escolta i parla

This is a speaking course to help you solve your basic needs in everyday life in Catalan using pictures, recordings, videos and interactive activities. Check it out here.